Hello everyone! It's been approximately five years since anyone was active on Writer's Window. If you want to talk to anyone from Writer's Window, we have a Facebook group on Facebook. You can also message me on Tumblr at lettersfromlatitude. I miss you guys like I miss the moon. ~Trekkie

Welcome to the Sandbox

To find out what the sandbox is, please visit the Sandbox Definition Page. In short, it is a page on which you can experiment with editing options and formatting functions. If this gets too full, I shall create a new one. So don't worry! To learn how to edit pages, please visit the Learn How to Edit Pages page.

So, please feel free to use this page to experiment :) Don't worry about messing something up, or deleting what you write. That ruins the fun!

Ha, it worked!
Wahey lol! That's just more of a pleasant image, Saga. Lol!
Lol back to you, Snare!! :)

Hey, it's Carony! Test Page

Yeah, I did it!!!!

Gratz Carony! I see you've been trying to centre text. To centre text, just type "=" at the start of the line. After the "=", leave a space, and then type whatever you want.

Thanks! I got it now, lol.


Wow well something's not right!


Wahey - Now that's what you call superscript.

HOLA!! I am just trying to edit this page…I am bored.
RANDOM THOUGHT: David Archuleta's CD comes out tomorrow!! YAY!

Woah something's not right…

Wait, what? What's not right?

Headings aren't working for some reason. Well…maybe I've just spacked something lol.


Yeah. For me, no headings are working on this page ^^

i like cheese i like cheese i like cheese i like cheese H2O E=MC2
i like cheese i like cheese yay it works!

Perfect. Loving the variety you've tried there !

For the absolute life of me, I can't figure out how to properly put things in the center like everyone else on the pages I edit. So please bear with me as I consummatley accidentally destroy the Wiki through my bad coding skills.

..fear the random horizontal line. ~Trekster [Quill: "What if I don't wanna fear it?"]

Lol. To centre text, just type "[equals][space][your text]" at the start of your line. I've also explained it earlier above in this page if you want to check it out :P

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