Roxy Ailindael

Hey guys,

This is Roxlindael (hm, my nice little nickname …) or just Roxy if you know me. I love WW, and the wiki seems like a cool place to start writing again. So, some stuff about myself …

My main form of writing is free-verse poetry. Sometimes sonnets if I get my mind set on it. I previously wrote fantasy, but now have strayed off somewhere else (heh, Rox you liar, you got your ass kicked outta Faerieland) to the place where the Sylvia Plath-ish poets go. Well, I'm not like her, but I do enjoy Plath's poetry very much.
I also like prose. Sometimes I write simple, sometimes descriptive, other times abstract.
For English at school, I'm trying to work on my essay-writing. It's getting there. *rolls eyes* But thank you to my old Eng teacher who's been a huge help.

I do not appreciate:
Arrogant people
Condescending people
The high-pitched squeaks of old car brakes
High-frequency waves from old TVs and radios (unfortunately, my ears tend to pick them up at once)
Grass burns

I DO appreciate:
The wind in my hair
Running at dusk/night time
Sound of running water
Chocolate and blueberries
Classical music and art

~Perhaps we only watch the sunset to reassure ourselves that there is such thing as perfection.

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