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Week Commencing: Monday 17/11/08 - Sunday 23/11/08

Tzedeqiel: Say it looks like a nice ordinary day and then they suddenly find that Major City X in Country Y has been blown to pieces. Ouch.

Giant Grasshopper: I would argue a good book is the latter. Whatever comes from the heart.

Delta_Zulu5995:With regards to what is a good book, "To each, his own."

Week Commencing: Monday 10/11/08 - Sunday 16/11/08

Snare: Unfortunately, we are all of the same opinion, but not substantial enough to formulate an impact.

Alishya: If you don't move past your initial fears, that will only result in wasted time.

Wraith: I do, however, try to avoid self insertions as to not become too caught up in - and thus centred around - the intricate workings of their/my mind.

Week Commencing: Monday 03/11/08 - Sunday 09/11/08

Bloodthorn: I would make it something like euphoric and heavenly rather than lustful.

Logan Ashadar: Repeat "Keep going, it's only the first draft." like a mantra.

Saga: Now I love love love poetry, the way you can make words dance or spin or confuse or even clunk-clunk across the page with their form.

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