Hectic Hazards

The Hectic Hazards Club

Name Played Won Lost Drawn For Against MD Points
Snare 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Carony 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ravenflight 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Giant Grasshopper 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
New Member 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Welcome to the Hectic Hazards club. A club of…well…Hectic Hazards!

This is the ultimate club for all writers to join. You will completely evade writers' block, and you have a chance to go top of the table and claim Ultimate Writers' Glory. For information on how the above table works, please see the Hectic Hierachy section below.

The Basic Idea

Each week, I will provide a new writing prompt for the club. This prompt will be posted on a DB newsletter, and in the Current Prompt section below. There will effectively be a 'Fixture List' which determines who plays who that week. So each week, you will play another member. By this, I mean that you will both complete a writing task for the prompt given and I will assess each piece of writing using this Criteria. Marks given will be out of 25.

Current Prompt

Here, you will be able to find the current prompt on which you have to write. You need only write 100 to 500 words on it (betweem half a page and a whole page), although you can write more if you wish.

The first prompt shall be posted after a certain number of members are evident within the club.

How to Join

If you wish to join this club, you need not hesitate in contacting me. Feel free to PM me on Writers' Window, and ask to join. I'll more than happily let you in. My username on Writers' Window is Snare.

Hectic Headlines

20/11/08: The end of a rather dull week for Hectic Hazards. Advertising will now boost!
13/11/08: A morale boost, perchance? Welcome, Giant Grasshopper!
11/10/08: As Hectic Hazards awaits further members, a rather bland day is experienced.
10/11/08: Hectic Hazards receives yet another member. This is looking good! Hi Ravenflight!
09/11/08: Hectic Hazards receives its first member (which isn't me!). Welcome Carony!
08/11/08: Hectic Hazards Club Created.

This is a news feed for the Hectic Hazards Club. Major goings-on and happenings within the club shall be added to this news feed.

Results & Fixtures

This section will contain a list of results from the previous week, along with fixtures for the upcoming week. An archive of previous results, can be found here.

Last Week's Results Upcoming Fixtures
Member 1 (16) V Member 2 (18) Member 1 V Member 3
Member 3 (17) V Member 4 (19) Member 2 V Member 4

Hectic Hierachy

The Table at the top of this page is also known as the Hectic Hierachy. This is the leadership board for the club, and represents everyone's progress. (It is similar to a regular football league table). A definition of the headings along with ways to earn points can be found below.

Name: The name of the club member.
Played: Number of games played - number of writing tasks completed.
Won: Number of games won - number of writing tasks won.
Lost: Number of games lost - number of writing tasks lost.
Drawn: Number of games drawn - number of writing tasks drawn.
For: Total cumulative number of marks received for work.
Against: Total cumulative number of marks scored by your opponents for work.
MD: Marking Difference. For column minus Against column. If points are equal, MD is used.
Points: Total number of points. See below.

To Win, you must achieve a higher score in your writing than your opponent. You receive 3 points.
To Draw, you must achieve an identical score in your writing to your opponent. You receive 1 point.
To Lose, you must achieve a lower score in your writing than your opponent. You receive 0 points.

(If you fail to complete a writing task for one week, it still counts as you having played a game/completed a writing task. Your score remains unaltered, however, your opponent is given 3 points. Don't miss a week if you want to be a contender for the Number 1 spot!)

How Else to Earn points

The note above explains how you can earn points for your writing. There are, however, many other ways by which you can earn points and overtake your rivals.

  • Playing the Hectic Flow game. See below or click here.
  • Adding a book review on the Hectic Reviews page.
  • Submitting input to the Hectic Hazards RPG. This feature will be available shortly.
  • Contributing to the "Hectic Hazards FAQ", which can be found below.
  • Coming up with a good, feasable idea for the club (Post it in the Comments section below.)

There will also be many additional features coming soon, so keep in touch with this section. If you have any ideas for new features for the site, post them in the comments section below and you could gain extra points!

Points Breakdown

This section will consist of a breakdown of the points of all the members of Hectic Hazards. This will ensure that everyone known where your points have come from, and we can easily check if I have mistakenly missed any of your points.

Breakdown of Snare's Points:

Breakdown of Carony's Points:

Breakdown of Ravenflight's Points:

Breakdown of Giant Grasshopper's Points:

Breakdown of Member 5's Points:

Writing Criteria

The criteria that will be used to mark your stories and poems can be found here. Marks given will be out of 25.

Member Pages

Where do you submit your writing to? Below, there will be an alphabetically ordered list of Member Pages. Each member will be given a page onto which they must submit their writing, and a marking page, onto which I will submit their marks.

Member 1 Member 1 Writing Page Member 1 Marks Page
Member 2 Member 2 Writing Page Member 2 Marks Page
Member 3 Member 3 Writing Page Member 3 Marks Page


This section is for the FAQ's of the Hectic Hazards Club. If you add an FAQ below, you will earn points. Another great and simple way to overtake your rivals.

  • I am unable to complete this weeks writing prompt. What should I do?

As mentioned above, if you cannot complete a prompt for 1 week, that is no problem. Your points will remain the same; your opponent however, will receive 3 points by default. Nevertheless, it would be appreciated if you could notify me prior to the completion date of that prompt. This can be done by either "Private Messaging" me on Writers' Window (my username is Snare), or by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page. It would be recommended to try and miss as few weeks as possible if you are looking to contend for the number 1 spot.

  • FAQ 2
  • FAQ 3
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