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If you wish to create a club, then feel free! Once you have created it, please post a link to it below.

Please be original when creating a club. Don't create one for the sake of creating one. The same old clubs about a new task every week/month can get rather tedious. If you wish to create one, please ensure that it remains active on a regular basis.

For Advertising purposes, please do not create a thread on the DB. You can PM your friends, visit the Advertising page, or visit the Contact page and request your club to be linked on the homepage!

Hectic Hazards

Hectic Hazards is a club created by Snare. Every week, all members are given a brand new writing prompt. It is optional whether or not you choose to complete this. Your writing will be graded based on criteria each week, and points will be allocated to each of you. This affects your position in the Leaderboard. There are also many other ways by which you can earn points. Visit the Hectic Hazards homepage for more information, and to find out how to join!

Golden Quill

For more information go to: The Golden Quill Website
More to be posted later!
GQ Staff

Dark Warriors Writing Club

Dark Warriors Writing Club (DWWritingClub for short) was created by Quill and DarKnight, but is only administered by Quill. You can post your own writing, use a chatroom for [writing related] discussion only, and edit to a number of writers' forums. To apply for a membership, PM quill1 on wikidot OR PM Quill on WW. In the application, include your WW name and why we should accept you into our fine club. Our website is:


[P.S. For those of you who think we created a club just because everyone else did, ours started way back, two years ago.]

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