November 2008 Entries of Carony's Blog

November 2008

November 8, 2008- Okay, so this is my first "entry." Update, I guess you could call it. :D One thing you should know before you even read past this entry is that I like using smiley's. And I mean I like using them. :D

Okay, so on to my day… it's been pretty boring, actually. I watched iCarly: iGo to Japan, and I've been on the computer a lot, I guess. I haven't written anything for my NaNo novel yet, but that's okay. :D I'm ahead, anyway.

I'm so tired. I mean, exausted. I've been dozing all day. I woke up at 5:30 am because I needed to go to the bathroom…and my ear was hurting. Probably since I slept funny in dad's chair. I fell asleep downstairs. :D So I took some ibeprofen, or however you spell it, and went back to sleep about an hour later. But then I woke up a little over an hour after that. :x So I'm tired. Didn't get enough sleep, at all.

I guess that's it, then.


November 10, 2008- Ick! I have a sore throat. Talking hurts. On the bright side, I'm making some Dane Cook comedy specials into a DVD. Dane Cook is HI-LARIOUS! It should be done soon, and I hope it works. I'm just gonna keep talking until I can tell you if it does or not, lol.

I stayed home from school today because I was exausted. I mean, really tired. So I slept until 11 and just hung out.

DVD's ready! Off to check…

It didn't work. *sigh*


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