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Welcome to the New Writers' Window Wiki

Writers' Window is a site for school aged young writers (aged from 5 to 18) to publish their writing. Follow this link to go directly to the Writers' Window Homepage.

Please take time to read this page. It will help you to familiarise yourself with several features of the wiki. Also, check out the What is a Wiki? page to discover what a wiki is, and the Terminology page to acquainte yourselves with the 'WW language'.

To become a member of this Wiki, please visit the Join this Site page. (See links on left).

Click on the How to edit a page link on the left for further information regarding editing pages. Check out the Sandbox to experiment with your editing skills.

Chills 'n' Thrills

- The Games page is the ultimate location for anyone wanting to relax with some cool pass times!
- Check out the Quote of the Week page now and get inspired!
- The Hectic Hazards Club is insanely fun, competitive, and a must-see for all WW fans!

This section helps you to relax and 'chill' with some cool and fun features of the Wiki. It will include a couple of the most attractive and upcoming pages/ideas in the Wiki. It will be updates every 2 or 3 days.

Note: This is on on the homepage and everyone will see it. So if you want people visiting your page, get it linked here! If you want your page linked here, please visit the Contact page and send in a request. And don't think you can only do it once! If you ever have new ideas or functions on your page, contact me and I'll add it in here again!


Clubs have always been a substantial sector of the Wiki. Visit the Clubs page to create your club now!


Due to the ever increasing number of successful pages on this Wiki, several may see advertising as a requirement. Please do not create threads on the Writers' Window Discussion Board for this purpose. Contact your friends, or visit the Advertising page!

News Feed

This News Feed will be updated frequently and will contain a timeline of major actions on the Wiki.

08/11/08 - WW Wiki Launched

Page List & Recent Changes

The Page List and Recent Changes pages exist just as they used to on the previous wiki. Links to these can be found on the upper navigation bar.

Member List

The Member list can be found here or on the left navigation panel.

There is also a "Meet the Members" section at the top of your screen. When you become a member of this site, I will add your name to this list. When you click on your name, you will see your own, personal page. Please edit this instantly. It can be a profile of sort: some information about you and quotes from your works perhaps. It's your page; do what you want!

Editing Lock

Please note: There is a special function on this wiki called a 'page lock'. This avoids editing conflicts by disallowing more than one person to simultaneously edit a page. So please don't panic if you can't edit a page right now. Someone else is editing it. Just try again in a couple of minutes.


Have any problems? Don't understand something? Need something clearing up? Click Here to find out how to contact me now. I will answer any issues you have.

Thanks for taking time out to read this page. Become a Member here, and check out the options on the left bar, such as "Learn How to Edit Pages", and create your own page from the "Meet the Members" section at the top.

Now, all that's left for you to do is…Enjoy the Wiki!

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